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Stromno for Samsung Galaxy Watches

for Tizen OS 5.5+


Get the app

Get login code and widget

How to login into the app?

1. Visit the Dashboard and get a login code

The code will expire in 30 seconds, so make sure you use the fresh code in the app

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 16 (1).png

2. Paste login code in the app

Moto_360_DJC-ai (3).png

2. Click 'Connect' and grant permissions.

Moto_360_DJC-ai (6).png
Moto_360_DJC-ai (4).png

How to use the widget in OBS?

1. Visit Dashboard and copy widget link

Please, do not share your widget link publicly

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 16 (2).png

2. Paste widget link as Browser source in OBS

2021-04-23 16.52.02.jpg

The app keeps 'connecting...' How to fix that?

The app freezes on 'connecting...' when it doesn't have permission to read your heart rate. Permissions are requested by the app after the first login.
To fix the issue you have to:
- reinstall the app

- give all permission requested after the first login

- should work fine now, if not let me know via the 'Contact' form 

I purchased the app via my phone. How to install the app?

If the app wasn't installed on your Apple Watch automatically, find Stromno in the App Store on your Watch and install

Mockup (1).png

If the app was purchased from your phone and the App Store on your Watch says  a price.

I purchased the app and the Watch still shows the price.

If the app was purchased from your phone and the App Store on your Watch says a price.

Mockup (1) (1).png

It's the App Store bug and we can't help you with it, and we need your help to find a solution.
There are few things to do:

- contact Apple Support regarding the bug

- if you have a payment confirmation set up, try 'purchasing' the app and it should install the app without the payment. 

- Let me know about this situation via the 'Contact' form 
I will need to know what Apple Watch gives as a solution, your iOS, and WatchOS versions, if 'purchasing' worked without the payment for you.


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